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Coordinated by Xnet
Place: La FarineraGran Via de les Corts Catalanes 837, Barcelona

PRESENTATION OF THE SPANISH CITIZEN GROUP AGAINST CORRUPTION – State platform of citizens active against corruption

Language: Spanish

Simona Levi & Sergio Salgado, from Xnet’s mailbox for leaks & 15MpaRato
Audita Sanidad, working Group for a Citizen Debt Audit of the Healthcare System
Ana Garrido, one of the first to file a complaint in the Gürtel case
Kontuz, association of citizens, users, consumers and taxpayers from Navarra which uncovered major corruption cases
Acción Cívica, allows lawyers from across the Spanish state to take part in private prosecutions
Encarnación Cortés, councilor who denounced irregularities in Benalmádena
David Fernández, ex-President of the Parliamentary Commission on the Pujol Case as a member of the CUP-Parlament
Fernando Urruticoechea, who denounced several corruption cases in Spain working in the public administration
Patricia Suárez Ramírez, activist in defence of banking abuses. Founder and president of ASUFIN


As extrernal advisors:
– Spanish Citizen Debt Audit Platform – PACD
Pau A. Monserrat, economist author of the book ‘La Banca Culpable’
Raúl Burillo, Hacienda (Tresoury) inspector, leading the team of inspectors behind the investigation of several corruption cases


12:00 – 14:00

Language: Spanish

It’s not a crisis, it’s a scam

Enric Duran, activist, FairCoop & CIC: The one who robbed a thief (video-conference, Spanish).
Finsalud foundation: Fraud and Health – the effect of financial fraud in the health of people (Spanish).
Hibai Arbide, journalist and expert on social movements: Greece as a spoiler of what will happen in other countries (Spanish; due to a last minute change, because Hibai Arbide has been sent in urgence as correspondent to Kurdistan, we will contact with him through video-conference).

Special guests: Audita Sanidad, Ana Garrido, Kontuz, Acción Cívica, Encarnación Cortés, David Fernández, Pau A. Monserrat, Raúl Burillo, Ana Méndez, Patricia Suárez, Ale Fernández


15:00 – 16:15
WORKING GROUP: Freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of action: state of affairs and coordination of struggles in the Spanish state #LeyesMordaza #LeyTorquemada.

Language: Spanish

Participants: Xnet, LegalSol, Rights International Spain – RIS, David Fernández, Carlos Almeida on behalf of PDLI.

Open to the press and to anyone interested. [More details]


16:15 – 18:30

Language: English

Surveillance, repression, data protection and civil liberties

Jeremie Zimmermann, founding member ef La Quadrature du Net: State of affairs. With contributions from:
James Love, he made posible the production of generic drugs in India, ending the patent monopopy – KEI
Jeremy Malcolm, leds Electronic Frontier Foundation, organisation defending civil liberties in the digital world – EFF
Renata Avila, lawyer dedicated to upholding human rights and responding to threats to the Internet, member of Web We Want
EDRi, organization in defense of the civil digital rights in Europe.

Arjen Kamphuis, Centre for Investigative Journalism – CIJ – : Presentation of the Spanish edition of the book Information Security for Journalists (Gavin MacFadyen has had to excuse his presence due to important health issues at the last moment; we send him our wishes for a good recovery).
Alberto Escorcia, LoQueSigue TV“Bots”, the attack on freedom of expression and organisation. (video-conference)

Special guests: Estelle Massé, Thomas Lohninger, Rejo Zenger, Gaelle Krikorian, Baaroo Foundation.


18:30 – 21:00
Informative WORKSHOPS on digital self-defence and communication privacy rights such as the rights to information and freedom of expression.

Language: Spanish

LED BY (3 levels: basic – medium – high):
Jordi Delgado, CriptoParty
Carlos Fernández, Críptica
Baybars Külebi

+ WORKSHOP FOR JOURNALISTS by the Centre for Investigative Journalism – CIJ
Language: English



Coordinated by: Objetologías
Twitter at @Bau_bcn
Place: BAU, Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona – Carrer de Pujades 118, Barcelona

16:00 – 19:30
Conferences: Makers & business models

Chair: Josianito.

Núria Martínez-Vernis & Jordi Reynés, Ateneus de Fabricació Digital
Joan Maroto, Lab BAU
José Laulhé, EhcofabFabMóvil
Susana Moliner, La Companyía
Defko Ak Ñiëp, Kër Thiossane (video-conference)
Josef Prusa, RepRap developer
Judit Panxeta & Lena Prado, MalaHembra


Show conference: “Back to the Future”

All is re-mixable & remixed. A journey through digital popular culture and political audiovisual remixes as a tool for citizen science fiction, by ZEMOS98.
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