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Free Culture Forum 2015 participants


Everything I know about computers, I learned in IRC.

Carlos Almeida

With a degree in Law and Catalonian Civil Law, he has been a member of FrEE (Electronic Frontiers), an organisation dedicated to the defence of civil rights on the Internet, as well as a collaborator with numerous digital media outlets.

Hibai Arbide

Hibai Arbide Aza was a lawyer in Barcelona until moving to Greece. He currently resides in Athens where he works as a freelance journalist for different media outlets and is trying his hardest to finish a book. He’s also a DJ who plays Tropical Bass and loves riding his bike.

Renata Avila

Renata Avila is a human rights lawyer from Guatemala who worked as one of the lawyers representing the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum. Involved in Internet and Human Rights research since 2009. Together with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, she leads the Web We Want campaign at the Web Foundation, dedicated to preserving and upholding human rights and responding to threats to the future of the Internet. She currently serves as a Member of the Creative Commons Board of Directors and is also a member of the Courage Foundation advisory board, assisting whistleblowers and sources at risk.

Audita Sanidad

The Working Group for a Citizen Debt Audit of the Healthcare System in the Community of Madrid and for the investigation of corruption as a cause and effect of healthcare privitisation.

Acción Cívica

An independent association which structure allows lawyers from across the Spanish state to take part in private prosecutions, pro bono and as representatives of the organisation, in judicial procedures for the misappropriation of public funds.

Raúl Burillo

An inspector for Hacienda, the Spanish tax agency since 1990. His career started in Catalonia before, in 2004, he became a special delegate for the Tax Agency in the Balearic Islands. He currently resides in Zaragoza.
Raúl Burillo was at the front of the team of inspectors at the Balearic Tax Agency which played a crucial rule in the investigation of cases such as ‘Palma Arena’, ‘Son Oms’, ‘Votor’, ‘Ibatur’ and ‘Maquillaje’, as well as in important operations against VAT fraud, money-laundering and double sales of real estate in through Operation Relámpago, among others.

Encarni Cortés

Elected councillor for Benalmádena on the UCB ticket, the party that assisted first the PSOE and then the PP in their rise to power. She resigned her responsibilities in the party at the beginning of the previous legislature, becoming an independent councillor after observing irregularities in the town council. As a result, she suffered isolation in her town, resulting in serious economic consequences which forced her to close her family business. Finally, as a result of her accusations, members of the government of Benalmádena from the UCB were indicted and resigned their positions. In the most recent elections, she was re-elected councillor.

Jordi Delgado

Crypto Party BCN
The organiser of, developers of workshops adapted to different audiences that explain how to use basic Internet tools more safely and practice their installation and configuration using common sense. With the understanding that privacy is a right, they teach others how to protect and defend themselves on the Internet.

Enric Duran

Cooperativa Integral Catalana, FairCoop – FairCoin
From 2006 to 2008, Duran took out 68 personal and business loans from a total of 39 banks, without any guarantees or assets and without the intention of ever returning a single cent. In fact, he used it to finance different movements involved in civil disobedience, explaining in his article “He ‘robado’ 492.000 € a los que más nos roban” (I’ve ‘stolen’ 492,000€ from those who rob us). A founding member of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC), he also started Coopfunding, the magazine and is a developer at FairCoop; an open, worldwide cooperative that self-organises through the Internet, free from the limitations and controls set up by nation states. FairCoop understands that the transition to a more just monetary system is a key element in this process. In response to this, FairCoin was proposed as the cryptocurrency upon which to base its resource-redistribution actions and build a new global economic system.

Alberto Escorcia

LoQueSigue TV
Blogger since 2002, Alberto has both witnessed and written about how the Internet has helped us to connect, to share, to solve problems and how we have created new realities and narratives online. Since 1997, he has worked in all types of media; he can find a way to get his story out while being tear-gassed or even in the middle of the jungle, all without 3G. Alberto seems to have resolved many of the issues of coexistence between journalists and bloggers without angering either side too much. Since 2009, he has investigated the advance of networks in Ibero-America with the hopes of some day seeing the fulfillment of the global online revolution. He also has tried his hand at predicting events using big data and is an enthusiast of the power of collective intelligence. Since 2012, he has been warning about the growing power of techno-censorship in Mexico and how the other side creates and uses bots and systems designed to spy on us and keep our side from connecting and changing the world.

Carlos Fernández

Telecommunications engineer, cryptography enthusiast and co-founder of Críptica, a platform to promote the use of tools that respect privacy.

Maryant Fernández Pérez & Diego Naranjo Barroso

European Digital Rights (EDRi)
Maryant is a lawyer and Advocacy Manager at EDRi, specialised in EU, International and Comparative law, with a particular focus on digital rights.
Diego is a legal expert on Human Rights and an Advocacy Manager at EDRi.
EDRi is an international advocacy group (with offices in 19 countries throughout Europe) that promotes, protects and upholds civil rights in the field of information and communication technology. This includes many issues relating to digital rights, from data retention to copyright and software patents, from the right to data protection and privacy to freedom of speech online. Their expertise also extends to privatised enforcement and cybersecurity, as well as the so-called “Google tax”. EDRi provides EU policy-makers with expert, timely and accurate input about their position on these different topics related to human rights in the online world (digital rights).

David Fernández

A prominent activist against corruption and for democracy and ex-President of the Parliamentary Commission on the Pujol Case as a member of the CUP-Parlament.

Fundación FinSalud

More than 400,000 people have lost their savings in the state of Spain. This project was started to spread information about the effect of banking fraud on the health of people. The team is made up of professionals who help people that have suffered sudden financial losses to improve their mental and physical health.

Ana Garrido

One of the first to file a complaint in the Gürtel case, her accusation and collaboration with the justice system was key to uncovering the conspiracy. She suffered harassment at work from her superiors and former colleagues in her position as a specialist at the Boabdilla del Monte town council. Despite a decision by the Supereme Court against the town council for workplace harassment, Ana has not been able to return to work since making her complaint and as a result, she has temproarily emigrated from Europe.

Felipe G. Gil & Pedro Jiménez

Founding members of ZEMOS98 Gestión Creativo Cultural (Creative Cultural Managment) with degrees in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad de Sevilla and Specialists in Education certificates online from the UNED.
ZEMOS98 is an initiative that works with and investigates free culture, social innovation and contemporary narratives. ZEMOS98 values culture as an element for social transformation and not just as mere entertainment, champions mutual support networks and the social economy, believes in education as something that can happen at any time or place, in experimenting with content and formats, in remixing as a tool to deconstruct contents and formats and as a teaching tool, and in digital and media literacy.
For 17 years, ZEMOS98 has organised the Festival ZEMOS98, an international reference for topics relating to digital culture and narrative experimentation.
The initiative coordinates the international Doc Next Network with agents throughout the UK (Future Film Programme from the British Film Institute), Turkey (Mode Istanbul), Polond (Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”) and Holland (European Cultural Foundation). Last year, they finished “Remapping Europe”, on migration and media literacy and they are currently developing “Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons”, which intends to provide a platform for social struggles related to the commons and the regeneration of democracy.
ZEMOS98 does research and has edited a number of publications. Online at, a site dedicated to contemporary audiovisual creation, and, a site dedicated to collaborative research on the economy of affection, and in books such as “Creación e Inteligencia Colectiva” (Creation and Collective Intelligence, 2005), “La televisión no lo filma” (Don’t Film the Television, 2006), “Cultura digital y comunicación participativa” (Digital Culture and Participative Communication, 2006), and “Panel de control: interruptores críticos para una sociedad vigilada” (Control Panel: Critical switches for a surveillance society, 2007). Other books include “Código Fuente: La remezcla” (Source Code: the remix, 2009), a fictional essay on the power of a computer file, sampling and the infinite palimpsest, edited in collaboration with Mar Villaespesa and the book “Educación Expandida” (Expanded Education, 2012) edited together with Juan Freire. All of these books are available in PDF at

Patricia Goicoechea

RIS – Rights International Spain
Patricia is a practicing lawyer, specialised in Public Law, and also serves as public legal counsel for criminal and gender violence cases. She holds a LL.M in European Law from the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris) and Law Degrees from the Universidad Complutense (Madrid) and from the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne. She has authored several articles and edited legal newsletters and comparative law reviews. Patricia has participated in legislative reform processes and submitted shadow reports to international organisations as well as contributing to and advising organisations both large and small on issues related to civil and political rights. Moreover, she is actively involved with groups working on the rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals. She is also a member of a number of organisations such as Avocats sans Frontières International Legal Network and others.

Gavin MacFadyen & Arjen Kamphuis

Centre for Investigative Journalism
Gavin MacFadyen is an Investigative Journalist, Film Director & Producer and Teacher. He’s a Visiting Professor at City University London and the Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), an international training charity founded in 2003. MacFaydyen has been a Senior producer & director of many World in Action, Channel 4 Dispatches, BBC’s Fine Cut, 24 Hours, Panorama, The Money Programme, Multi Cultural Birmingham, and PBS Frontline programmes from 1970 to the present.
These investigations were researched, directed and produced in Britain, Ecuador, Guyana, South Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand, the former USSR, the US, Sweden, India and Turkey. Subjects ranged from nuclear proliferation, child labour, the torture of political prisoners in Turkey and Bolivia, UK industrial accidents, UK neo-Nazi violence, Chinese criminal societies, the history of the CIA, Guyana election fraud, Watergate, maritime safety, sanctions-busting and the Iraq arms trade, as well as Frank Sinatra & The Mafia, the Diamond Empire, and Regional Cuisines of India. Undercover filming abroad was conducted in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, New York, Washington, Turkey, Greece, Nicaragua, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Arjen Kamphuis is co-founder and has been Chief Technology Officer of Gendo since 2005. As CTO of Gendo, he advises several national governments, non-profits and Fortune-500 companies on technology-policy. Since 2009, Arjen has been training journalists, politicians, lawyers, human rights workers and whistleblowers to defend their communications and data from government or corporate intrusions or manipulation.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) is a charity that champions critical, in-depth reporting and the defence of the public interest. It came into being in 2003 to address a deepening crisis in investigative reporting. The primary mission of the CIJ is to provide a centre of excellence for the training of journalists; to raise the standard of investigative reporting to a high professional level.

Baybars Külebi

Immigrant astrophysicist from Turkey. Data for a better democracy.

Till Kreutzer

IGEL (Initiative gegen ein Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage)
Initiator, operator and director of the information platform IGEL and co-founder and editor at, an Internet portal dealing with copyrights in the digital world.
A German lawyer specialised in counselling media companies and public institutions in questions about copyright, personal rights, data privacy and IT rights. In 2010 he was elected “ad personam” member of the German UNESCO-Commission and he is a European specialist in the #CanonAEDE/Google Tax.

Gaelle Krikorian

Advisor on Access to knowledge and Intellectual Property.
Her research in sociology focuses on the way health issues are taken into account during negotiations over intellectual property in Free Trade Agreements.


Association of citizens, users, consumers and taxpayers from Navarra which has played a key role in the uncovering of major corruption cases in Navarra such as the Otano and Urralburu cases or the plundering of Navarra’s Savings Bank.

José Laulhé

Ehcofab – Fabmóvil
Founding member of Ehcofab and the CommonFab cooperative, at Fab Lab Sevilla, he has combined his experience in the production and coordination of cultural events with the use of machines and their designs, and he works in collaboration with other collectives and develops his own projects related to products and events. Ehcofab is a mechanism that works as an intermediary between the university world and the rest of society; a place to research, learn and produce with new methods in digital manufacturing.

Legal SOL

The 15M Legal Commission came together only a few hours after the end of the protest that that set off the campsites in Sol, Madrid (15M/Indignados Spanish social movement). From that moment on, lawyers and others interested in defending the rights of those camping in the squares, they came together in Puerta del Sol as a working commission whose function was, and still is: to advise about citizens’ rights (especially in reference to the freedom of assembly, protest, political participation and freedom of expression), to provide counsel to commisions and working groups with legal procedures, with creating their own proposals and with defending those who are detained and injured when needed. Legal Sol also includes different groups focused on developing an alternative system of Law that has a broader scope and more guarantees, and is capable of contemplating the maximum expression of citizens’ rights.

Fernando Urruticoechea

After 30 years working in the Public Administration, he has denounced several corruption cases in Spain, as auditor of several municipalities. In the case of Castro Urdiales, he reported hundreds of irregularities that have led to the accusation of the last three town mayors (PP, PSOE and Cantabrian Regionalist Party). Currently, as a consecuence of his dozens of reports on irregularities in his last two professional destinations in the municipalities of Crevillent and Orihuela, he has been launched into a legal process in which a company whose practices he denounced is claiming damages for 150,000 euros.

Simona Levi & Sergio Salgado

Xnet & 15MpaRato
Simona Levi is a multidisciplinary artist and activist, known for her work in European social movements dealing with free circulation of knowledge, culture and information, defence of the Internet, and the fight against corruption. She is a co-founder of Xnet and prime mover of 15MpaRato.
Sergio Salgado studied his first degree in Political Science at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and his second in Human Ecology at the Universidade Aberta de Lisboa. He specialises in online political communication and is a consultant for different organisations. He works with Xnet and and is a prime mover of 15MpaRato.
15MpaRato is a citizen lawsuit that started and pushed forward the Bankia Case in the National Courts, which helped to uncover and open other legal cases involving fraud in stock market flotations, the Preferred Shares scam and the Black Credit Cards scandal.
Xnet is a group of activists working together since 2008 in different fields related to networked democracy and technopolitics and in the creation of mechanisms for participation and citizen control of power and institutions. Xnet advocates for a neutral and free Internet; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information. Xnet’s Mailbox for Leaks against Corruption is a tool that allows citizens to safely share evidence of corruption for the legal, technical and communicative fight against corruption.

Josianito Llorente

Bau, Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona
Digital revitaliser, cultural manager and activist in general. An architect by training, Josianito looks at technological projects from a social, cultural and educational aspect, and vice versa. He is also a coordinator of the Creation Laboratory at the Centro Cultural Tabakalera in San Sebastián and, since 2013, in charge of the Hirikilabs citizen laboratory, a project in collaboration with Donostia European Cultural Capital 2016 which brings together activities related to free culture and shared knowledge and whose objctive is to empower citizens through the use of ICTs. He is also part of the teaching staff at the BAU for the 2014-2015 course.

Thomas Lohninger

Anthropologist and programmer, his activist work is focused on the issues of net neutrality and surveillance. He worked for the European Digital Rights (EDRi) as Policy Analyst during the key phase of the EU regulation on net neutrality. He has been an expert witness at the German Bundestag on the issue of net neutrality in 2014 and 2015, and works as an instrumental part of the campaign, which aims to preserve net neutrality in Europe.
He works full-time as executive director of the working group on Data Retention Austria (AKVorrat) and also works as a volunteer for the Digital Gesellschaft and the Initiative für Netzfreiheit; an initiative for online freedom and civil rights in the digital era, working on legislative issues related to the Internet in Austria and Europe.

Defko Ak Ñiëp

Kër Thiossane
As part of l’Ecole des Communs (project for artistic experimentation, free culture and shared knowledge) Kër Thiossane, located in Dakar’s neighborhood of Sicap Liberté II, launched in 2014 “Defko Ak Ñiëp” (“Do it with others” in Wolof).
A FabLab seeking to cross digital innovation with creation and traditional knowledge. This space is within a hundred meters of Kër Thiossane, in a street where the wood, electrical repair or construction of metal devices workshops are situated.
Kër Thiossane began its activities in 2002, focussing on research on art and new technologies, and their implications for our societies. In 2008 it launched the first Afropixel festival that focuses on free software in relation to the practices of citizens in Africa and in the South. This festival is within the network of the critique festival of new technologies, launched by Pixelache.

James Love

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI)
James Love has worked on the impact of intellectual property rights on consumers for more than twenty years and has followed, since 1994, international trade negotiations on global standards for intellectual property protection and the implementation of those standards by governments.
KEI is a non-profit organisation that focuses on the management and governance of knowledge resources. A significant amount of KEI’s focus is on trade policy as it relates to both innovation and access to knowledge goods, including medical technologies.

Jeremy Malcolm

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Jeremy Malcolm has led EFF’s work since 2014, fighting for more balanced intellectual property laws and policies for Internet users and open innovators. His last position was in Malaysia working for Consumers International, coordinating its Consumers in the Digital Age programme.
Founded in 1990, EFF is a leading nonprofit organisation defending civil liberties in the digital world. It champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through high impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. Working to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as the use of technology grows.

Joan Maroto

Joan Maroto is an architect with a Master’s in the Theory and Practice of Architectural Projects from the ETSAB, Barcelona.
He currently works at the Joan Maroto ARCH studio, is a professor at the BAU, and he is in charge of the Digital Manufacturing Workshop. He is the Coordinator of Social Manufacturing at the “Tarpuna Cooperativa d’Iniciatives Sostenibles”, he collaborates with the CERCLE (ETSAB-UPC) and GREDITS (BAU-UVic) research groups and he is working on his doctoral thesis “Architecture for the emancipated inhabitant”, a transversal investigation which seeks tools for personal and collective transformation for new settings.

Núria Martínez-Vernis & Jordi Reynés

Ateneus de Fabrició Digital
Jordi Reynés is the director of the Ateneus de Fabricació Digital network and Núria Martínez-Vernis is in charge of the Ateneo de Fabricación Les Corts, collaborative public-private spaces where individual citizens and local entitities, organisations, universities and businesses can get involved in innovative social activities with the support of a digital manufacturing laboratory: a workshop equipped with software and machines to convert ideas and concepts into physical products that are useful for society.

Estelle Massé

Analyst at Access Brussels. Prior to joining Access, Estelle interned with European Digital Rights (EDRi), an association of 35 privacy and civil rights groups across Europe and at the UNESCO in Barcelona. Estelle has received three BAs in Applied Languages from the Université de Provence, France, the University of Limerick, Ireland and the Universidad de Granada, Spain and a Master’s in European Law from the Universidad de Granada. Her master’s thesis examined the shared competences between the EU and its member states in the protection of Fundamental Rights.

Susana Moliner

Cultural producer. Interested in alternative learning devices and reflection on the commons in intercultural contexts. She has coordinated various projects related to free culture and artistic practice: Ecole de Commons (Dakar), Rose des Vents Numériques (Senegal, Mali, Martinique, South Africa), Africa Light (Bordeaux, Bamako, Dakar), Festival Pixelini (Bamako), Afropixel #3 and 4# (Dakar), Côte à Côte (Rabat) and Wekalet Nehna (Alexandria).
Founder, along with Marta Vallejo, of LaCompanyía, a collective for reflection and action on the creation and the collective construction of meanings built from the practice of art.

Pau A. Monserrat

Economist specialising in financial products and author of the book “La Banca Culpable” (The Guilty Banks). He also talks about the economy for different media outlets.

Ali Nikouei

Baaroo Foundation
Ali is an Info Activist, Human Rights Defender, security specialist and co-founder of Iran Security and the Baaroo Foundation.
Baaroo Foundation works to improve the skills and methods for advocacy, to build support for the digital rights of users and to empower rights defenders all around the world and especially those who live in the Middle East.

Elisa de la Nuez

Fundación ¿Hay Derecho?
General Secretary of the Foundation ¿Hay Derecho?

Judit Panxeta & Lena Prado

Judit Panxeta and Lena Prado are the creators of Mala Hembra, a feminist and self-managed project that brings together illustration, screen printing and 3D printing.

Spanish Citizen Debt Audit Platform (PACD)

A network of citizens, present throughout the territory of Spain, developing the process for a citizen debt audit and defining: what kind of audit is wanted, what debts are to be audited, who should participate in this process and with what objectives. They seek out evidence of illegitimacy and illegality in the generation of debt that the Spanish government, together with the EU and autonomic and local governments, have been using as justification for their austerity policies.

Josef Prusa

Main developer of the open source RepRap 3D printers, a project that envisions the possibility of cheaply distributing RepRap units to people and communities, enabling them to create (or download from the Internet) complex products without the need for expensive industrial infrastructure (distributed manufacturing), including scientific equipment.

Jaron Rowan

Investigator and cultural agitator, Jaron combines research with teaching. For over 10 years he has worked as co-founder and a member of YProductions and is now the coordinator of the art department at the BAU School of Design in Barcelona. For a few years he worked as a tutor and teacher at Goldsmiths’ MA in Culture Industry programme, as well as in other universities and institutions, teaching classes and workshops about the economy of culture, cultural policies and working in culture and as an advisor for the UOC in their subject on Culture Theory.

Patricia Suarez Ramírez

Asociación de Usuarios Financieros (ASUFIN) – Patrona de Finsalud
Activist in defence of banking abuses, known in social networks as Wonder-Woman. As founder and president of Asufin (2009) she has been a pioneer in the dissemination of information among professionals and the networks, to facilitate access to justice for those affected by toxic products. Author of the most comprehensive database of law cases related to banking and investment products (swaps, preferred shares, multi-currency mortgages, etc…) which has been an example for other organisations and has enabled many users to demand with greater guarantees.
Committed to transparency and the dissemination of knowledge to contribute to a freer society.

Rejo Zenger

Bits of Freedom
Rejo Zenger is a technical research and policy advisor for the Dutch civil rights movement Bits of Freedom. The organisation fights for the protection of fundamental rights like freedom of speech and privacy on the Internet. Zenger is primarily focused on topics related to telephone and Internet providers, such as the Dutch law on telecommunications data retention. He writes and speaks extensively about Internet freedom, not just on the policy level, but also on the impact of technology in society and the ethics of developing technology.

Jérémie Zimmermann

La Quadrature du Net
Co-founder of the Paris-based La Quadrature du Net, a non-profit association that defends the rights and freedom of citizens on the Internet. The association advocates for the adaptation of French and European legislation to the founding principles of the Internet, most notably the free circulation of knowledge. As such, La Quadrature du Net engages in public-policy debates concerning, for instance, freedom of expression, copyright, regulation of telecommunications and online privacy. In addition to its advocacy work, the group also aims to foster a better understanding of legislative processes among citizens, encouraging their participation in public debates on rights and freedom in the digital age.